Automate ANY strategy

With Tradingview Alerts or our AlertScript API
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Supported Exchanges Include:



Auto-trade TradingView alerts, strategies, or from any platform that can make a web request

QuantPlay lets anyone automate any trading strategy, on any instrument, from any source that can send a web request.

Just find or write a strategy in TradingView, and automate it by pasting in your unique QuantPlay URL and a tiny bit of AlertScript, and voila, your strategy is live 24/7 on your exchange account.

No more missing precious entries or manually placing trades from alerts in the middle of the night.


Connect to all major brokers, in all major asset categories

Whether you trade Crypto, Futures or Equities, we've got you covered. Want more exotic instruments and brokerages? Request them here. We'll implement it for you.


See your profits and losses, trade by trade, all in one place

Now you can see exactly how much your strategies are making, turn by turn in one place.

No more confusing fill history tables you have to convert into turns in your head. Just see your total net profits and your losses after every turn.

Getting Started

In 4 Easy Steps

1. Create TradingView & Exchange Accounts

Why use TradingView and the supported exchanges?

  • TradingView - Supports virtually every tradable asset with strategy alerts at resolutions up to 1 per second. Plus, you can write and backtest your own strategies using PineScript.
  • Exchanges - Support for ByBit (Crypto & Derivatives), Tradestation (Futures & Equities) and SimpleFX (Forex & CFDs) is included to cover the whole universe of tradable assets.

2. Add Your Exchange API Keys to QuantPlay

To enable QuantPlay to communicate with your Exchange:

  • Exchange Account API Keys - Enable QuantPlay to translate your alerts into live trades on you trading account, 24/7.
  • HSM Encrypted Keys - Your keys are HSM, and salt and pepper encrypted meaning not even employees of QuantPlay can see or decrypt your keys once they've been stored.

3. Create and Calibrate a Trading Strategy

Use Tradingview to:

  • Create - Create a strategy in just one day by leveraging PineScript, or calibrate and use one of the multitudes of strategies available in our Premium Plan.
    Calibrate - Backtest and calibrate your strategy using TradingView's backtester, and use intelligent auto-stopping rules inside of QuantPlay to disable trading if profitability metrics aren't hit.

4. Launch Your Strategy

Use QuantPlay to launch your strategy:

  • Launch - Launch your strategy by pasting in the AlertScript code into TradingView to start the strategy.
    Add Safety Rules - Use intelligent auto-stopping rules inside of QuantPlay to automatically disable trading on any particular account + asset, if profitability metrics aren't meeting your expectations.